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Bell & Barnett is an Australian brand associated with refinement, style and class.

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The Tux and the Tails

February 23, 2015

The tuxedo. Or is it a dinner jacket? What is it? Why are there different types? Is there a difference between black tie and white tie events? Are there different types of black tie events? And why can’t I just wear that black suit to a wedding? All the mysteries of the elegant tuxedo will be revealed! So first things first: defining the pesky things. For most people out there, “tuxedo” or “dinner jacket” usually is a synonym for a black suit blazer or jacket and its matching trousers. Whilst there are similarities, one of the major distinguishing features of a tuxedo is the presence of satin, which will be located on the lapels, the buttons, the pocket lining, and... Continue Reading →


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