Welcome to Bell & Barnett's New Website!

Welcome to Bell & Barnett's New Website!

Here at Bell & Barnett, we value the highest quality of products – and now you can see the extent of our commitment to quality in our new website!


Here on this site is our wide range of products, ranging from high quality men’s suit jackets; through to stunning dress shirts; and even a range of pocket squares, scarves and cufflinks. Whether you’re looking at buying a whole new wardrobe, or merely after a few new business shirts to replace some older ones, we have you covered. Because of our values of individuality, character and authenticity, we can guarantee that a visit to Bell & Barnett’s website will never leave you disappointed.


We look forward to sharing our wide variety of products with you all. We know that their quality will speak volumes about Bell & Barnett’s philosophies: how each suit has enough character to have a unique story behind each one; how each dress shirt has enough individuality to make you stand out as the best dressed person no-matter where you go; how all our products are stylish enough to be classy and refined, whilst authentic enough to be “real”, and not simply dull corporate wear. Everything Bell & Barnett does, and all our products, will leave you satisfied and eager to show the world your new suits, shirts or accessories.


Coinciding with the new website, Bell & Barnett are looking forward to the spring fashion in Melbourne, and around Australia more generally. With the races coming up, and everyone wearing their wonderful attire, we anticipate many of you wearing some of our new designs, or even some of our old faithful styles. Time to bring out those stylish tuxedos; those French cuff dress shirts; and those impeccably stylish cufflinks. Whatever your style, make sure you are proud – and you have fun with it all.


Go out there and make your statement – whether you are refined or wild! Have fun at the races and with spring fashion! Enjoy Bell & Barnett’s new website! Enjoy high quality suits, shirts, pants, blazers, and accessories!


Bell & Barnett.