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Jackets & Overcoats Size Guide

Jackets & Overcoats Size Guide

These measurements are taken while the garment is laying flat and are only a guide as some measurements may vary depending on material. If you are between sizes, we recommend you to choose the larger size.

Short Overcoats


Long Overcoats

Care & Maintenance

Here are some tips to keep your coats looking great!

Whenever you take your coat off at the end of the day or evening, hang it up on a suitable clothes hanger to let it recover and work any wrinkles out naturally. Let the garment breathe.

Any dirt that may be on the coat should be easily brushed off with a soft bristled brush. Dry clean only but try to limit this as dry cleaning can discolour and shrink your clothes if overdone. Sometimes a simple spot clean or steaming/pressing is all that is required.