Made to Measure suits Melbourne

Experience a made to measure suit by Bell & Barnett in Melbourne and you’ll never buy ready-to-wear again. The Bell & Barnett made to measure service provides a wide range of options to create tailored garments that fits all tastes. We create masterfully tailored, made to measure suits Melbourne men trust for the perfect fit, every time.

Let's See How you Measure Up ||  Suits, Blazers, Vests & Trousers

Made to measure is a completely distinctive and individual service that provides garments that are 100% personalised to you. Bell & Barnett garments are built to your exact measurements and specifications, offering you the opportunity to create made to measure suits in Melbourne, as well as blazers, trousers & vests. You have the ability to choose from over 400 fabric varieties and an array of design options including lapels, buttons, lining, pockets and cuffs. The option of single or double-breasted jackets is also available. 

You will need to leave 4-5 weeks for lead time from fitting to delivery. 

Let's See How you Measure Up ||  Shirts

The made to measure service isn't just be limited to jackets and trousers. With Bell & Barnett you can customise your shirt to get a unique look. Choose from over 300 different fabrics, colours, pattern combinations and add your choice of personalised details from buttons, collar & pockets.

You will need to leave 4-5 weeks for lead time from fitting to delivery.

 The Perfect Fit ||  Whats next

> Our Melbourne made to measure suits service brings convenience to you. You can come into one of our selected stores or showrooms or, for more convenience, we can send our travelling tailor to you.

> Once you have booked your fitting, we will get in contact with you to work out a convenient time to measure you for your perfect garment.

> After you have chosen your fabrics and style it is time for it to be made into your very own personalised garment. We will be busy organising all of this, so you just need to let us do the hard work and we will keep you up to date along the way. Don't worry, this won't take too long.

Suit: 4-5 weeks

Blazer: 4-5 weeks

Vest: 4-5 weeks

Trousers: 4-5 weeks

Shirts: 4-5 weeks          

> Once we have advised you that your garment is ready we will have a final fitting to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your garment and then you will be on your way!
We ensure the perfect fit every time. 

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> Our made to measure experience is tailored exclusively around you, from the choice of fabric and fit to the location of your first appointment. Book now to secure your spot with our made to measure suit specialists in Melbourne and begin your made to measure experience.


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