Tie Care and Maintenance | Bell & Barnett

Tie Care and Maintenance


For daily upkeep: When untying the tie, make sure that you “tie it up in reverse”, and avoid untying it by pulling on the knot. To avoid getting wrinkles fold the tie gently or hang for storage. If there are wrinkles, hang the tie up during a hot shower – the steam should remove creases. If there are serious creases and an iron must be used, make sure it is on low heat and there is cotton or linen between the tie and the iron.

For storage, hang the tie up in your wardrobe.
If the tie needs to be washed, attempt cleaning the tie as soon as possible, and dab the stain with a small amount of carbonated water. If a stain persists, and you decide to wash your silk tie, it is advised not to machine wash, but instead hand wash by using lukewarm water and non-alkaline soap. Rub stains out, but try not to let the tie soak in water.