Chadwin Beige Double Breasted Cotton Trench Coat



This Beige double-breasted trench coat was everything Chadwin could have hoped for. Firstly, it was made from 100% Australian cotton – a sturdy and reliable material if ever there was one. Secondly, the trench coat featured an oversized notch lapel, a single rear vent, jet pockets, and an adjustable waist tie. What more could he possibly want from such a stylish coat?

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Step One

Neck measurement is taken in cm's by measuring all around the collar. As a guide, take a skin tight measurement around your neck, just below your Adam's apple.

Step Two

Chest measurements should be taken just under the arms, closely around the body.

Step Three

Shoulder measurements are determined by measuring from one shoulder tip (crease) across to the other.

Step Four

Sleeve length is measured from the shoulder tip (crease) to the bottom of the sleeve.

Step Five

Back length is measured from the seam at the base of the collar to the bottom hem of the shirt.
Size Guide

No size guide available

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